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Skip is a dynamic author with a style that is gripping. He captures your attention with a smooth, elegant flow that really promotes self reflection. He is known to his fans as an energetic person who is fun to be around. It really translates well in his writing.

Certified Life Coach

It is rare to find a more talented person who is also an intellectual. Not only has he written two life changing books, he is also a Certified Life Coach, Relationship Coach & Addiction Recovery Coach. He has helped so many with his encouragement and unique perspective.

Public Speaker

Not just anyone can command a room’s attention and put the audience at ease. This is Skip’s specialty, he is known to lighten the atmosphere at any event with insight and humor. His direct approach leaves his audience inspired, empowered and ready to take action.

New Book: How to Find HAPPYNESS in your relationship

This book was written to help women discover their inner strength, and to help assist you in finding your own happiness and joy. Women often get into relationships or are already in relationships, and they are constantly struggling with what’s going on with their relationships. This also applies to marriage relationships too. There are so many things going on with their lives; family, work, and to add the weight of dealing with a challenging relationship, things may not seem to go as planned. If you are searching for true happiness, then “How To Find HAPPYNESS In Your Relationship” is the book that will help you find what you’ve been looking for.

“This book will change your life!”


New Book: You Are Outstanding and Unstoppable

This inspiring collection of wisdom and empowering affirmations was collected by a certified life, recovery, and empowerment coach to help you turn your negative thoughts into positive, powerful ones. Have you reached the success you dreamed you would achieve by this point in your life, or are you still working to reach your full potential? As you work toward your dreams, your mind plays a significant role in determining your success. Author and certified life coach Skip Bailey understands that many of us simply can’t get past the negativity of our own self-defeating thoughts.

“It is an in-depth journey of self-discovery!”

You Are Outstanding and Unstoppable

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What people are saying….

“…a compelling look into the Who, What, and Why(s) of the joys and pains of our relationships. A tabletop conversation book that will have you chatting it up with friends.”
—Frankie Darcell, National Radio Personality/WDAS (105.3 FM), Philadelphia

“This book promises to awaken, ignite, and inspire. As a lover of things that enhance my personal growth, I was very pleased with this piece. Get your pen ready to take notes, as you peel back the layers of your life. It may hurt, but remember you’re on the journey to becoming a better you. So buckle up—let’s go!”
—Desiree “Dezzie” Neal, Media Correspondent and Radio Personality/WPPZ (107.9 FM), Philadelphia

“Life Coach Skip Bailey has done it again! In his new book How to Find HAPPYNESS in your relationship, Skip provides practical assistance to women who are looking for happiness and joy, but in the wrong places. This book will guide you [into] how to look within and find true joy and happiness. This book is a must-read for those who’ve tried and failed, and those who want to avoid the common pitfalls of life.”
—Bishop Philip Bonaparte, MD

“Skip Bailey’s advice is honest and insightful. Blaming ourselves or others is pointless. He Can’t Make You Happy is a handbook that explains how to get to the core of our issues and spells out why this is so important. None of us are perfect, but by taking the right actions, we can become better and feel better about ourselves.”
—Eartha Watts Hicks, author of Love Changes, member of the esteemed Harlem Writers Guild